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I'm Dené Romanotto-Peters, I am the owner/instructor of Bungee x Dené Fitness.  I have opened my studio for us!  People who have maybe struggled with weight control, mental and/or physical wellness, people who – like myself have had prior injuries affecting their ability to work out as they once did, women and men who may lack courage to join fitness groups/classes, people who want to take charge of their health and wellness and find a community to support their efforts that is welcoming, supportive, and a whole lot of fun!


A little about me ~ My background is in group fitness instruction. Over the years I have taught classes such as, Hip-hop Fitness, Body Conditioning, Strength, Sculpt and Tone, Weights on Ball, etc. I was first certified nearly 10 years ago and have instructed at a couple local gyms around Springfield. After a pretty significate injury a few years back, I was unable to teach or take the high impact type of fitness classes without fear of re-injuring myself or causing pain! I tried to continue my regular fitness regimen with low impact type workouts during this transition in my life, but I deeply missed the camaraderie of group fitness classes as well as the dance driving high intensity of the type of workouts I had done all those years before! I honestly missed myself and being physical fit! I became depressed and unmotivated, and I knew I had to do something! I began to search the internet for "Low impact high intensity workouts”. I needed something I would enjoy as much as hip-hop fitness by still getting the high intensity and dance factor of a workout without the high impact! It didn’t take much searching and as cliché as it may sounds, Bungee fitness found ME and now I get to share it with all of you!


I can't wait to see you! 



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