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About Bungee

Bungee Fitness was created in Thailand in 2016 and quickly made it to the USA! Lucky for me, I came into contact with two of the leading ladies in the U.S for bungee fitness. These ladies have trailblazed the efforts here in the United States to develop safe quality equipment, offer training to create standards for class instruction for safe and effective workouts! I have followed their lead, to ensure what we offer at Bungee x Dené Fitness meets all quality and safety standards. My clients will know from the moment they arrive, they'll be in good hands! Not only will you be well taken care of to meet your personal fitness goals and stay safe, but you'll have a blast! My classes are music and dance driven - with some "are we done yet" intensity! You'll be ready to sign up for your next class after one visit!


Safe and Comfortable Equipment

Click here to learn more about the equipment we use, which is the same equipment developed by the founder of Bungee Fitness.  

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